For a vehicle as special as your ŠKODA, it is vital to provide you with a perfectly complementing after sales service. It is necessary to have an equally competent service program to make every aspect of your ŠKODA experience better.
Keeping this in mind, we have a specially designed ŠKODA Service Care for you that provides not only a better service but also effective solutions. We cover various aspects of after sales services such as Road Side Assistance, services and maintenance packages and comprehensive warranty.
With this, we leave no stone unturned to make our relationship with you better and stronger.

6 Years Warranty

ŠKODA presents to its customers a-one-of-its-kind warranty service which spans up to 6 years after the purchase of your vehicle. This comprehensive warranty service program allows ŠKODA customers to enjoy its after sales service two years more than that of other brands.

ŠKODA Assist - Road Side Assistance

We at ŠKODA consider it as our responsibility to give you a hassle-free experience on and off the road. However, unexpected breakdown can dampen your spirits to the worse. With our unique ŠKODA Assist - Road Side Assistance, we ensure you spend more time driving your ŠKODA on road and experience it to the fullest.

ŠKODA Maintenance Package

Just like we need to have a body check-up every year to ensure our wellbeing, even your ŠKODA needs a periodic maintenance service to make sure it gives you a good long run of smooth driving. Our ŠKODA Maintenance Package for your ŠKODA gives you as a driver peace of mind as well as better driving experience with timely servicing.

Service Care Benefits

With the above mentioned Service Care products, we aim to establish a cordial relationship with our customers and maintain the same warmth over a long period of time. These products are designed in such a way that they deliver utmost delight to you as a customer.

Following are the some of the main benefits of ŠKODA Service Care products:

* Comprehensive Care
* Creating win-win situation for ŠKODA customers
* Giving an enhanced experience of ŠKODA services


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